BERLIN – 15/11/2017

Nike European Logistics Campus wins first prize at the world architecture festival 2017

At the World Architecture Festival in Berlin, the Nike European Logistics Campus wins first prize within the production, energy and recycling category.


From Zero-energy to energy-positive thanks to innovation and technology

What makes the project especially extraordinary is its sustainability. It is a zero-energy site, completely self-sufficient in terms of energy. The building which is currently being erected right next to the new site, a trusty twin, will even be energy-positive, generating more energy than it uses.

The NIKE European Logistics Campus has a number of forward-thinking measures and technologies to thank for its unique status. The site’s energy is drawn from the sun, wind, water and biomass, so that fossil fuels can be avoided entirely. The greenery used on the façades and roofs is fully integrated with the surroundings and seamlessly transitions into the landscaped park, which was created especially for the site.

One of the most eye-catching elements is undoubtedly the 1.3 kilometer long strip of green that winds along the western façade of the building. With its 3,000 m2 of green surface area, it is probably the largest green façade in the world. An efficient water system enables all rainwater to be collected, recovered, filtered and reused on site.


Global example of sustainability

The NIKE European Logistics Campus is the flagship of the NIKE distribution center and the new standard for future centers, worldwide. The building is a perfect reflection of the NIKE philosophy, which keeps material and waste to a minimum. Located along the E313 highway and the Albert Canal, near the port of Antwerp, Belgium, the center is the perfect starting point for transport and distribution from Europe to Moscow, 99% of NIKE’s containers are transported over the water, which saves 14,000 truck drives each year.


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