CANNES – 18/03/2017


We are proud to announce that finalists the Warsaw Spire, The Chambon, Be-MINE and the Nike European Logistics Campus have all been announced as winners on the Mipim 2017 awards ceremony in Cannes yesterday evening… Thank you all for your support !

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Nike European Logistics Campus       

Approximately 80 kilometers outside of Brussels, The Capital of Europe, Nike’s newly expanded European Logistics Campus sources energy from its surrounding landscape.

Nike’s approach to sustainable innovation resulted in a distribution center constructed as a rack-supported building. The complete racking system provides the structural support for the building’s roof and walls and moves away from a more traditional structure requiring steel and concrete.

Probably the world ‘s longest hanging green façade, it provides 3.000 sqm of green façade which integrate useable spaces for the people, sun protection and hidden emergency routes.

The design has been based on three focus points: fossil-free operations, closed loop flows, a healthy and biodiverse environment, and thus creating a benchmark for Nike.

99% of inbound containers reach the campus container park, the largest inland container park in the world by water, not road, saving 14.000 truck journeys a year.

The Nike European Logistics Campus uses 100% renewable energy and sources energy from five locally generated renewable energy sources: wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric.




The Warsaw Spire      

The 49-storey Warsaw Spire creates an architectural symbol that advertises Warsaw’s newest 100.000 sqm business center.

The volume is astonishing slim and seems to never end. Its façade literally folds open and the two 16-level bow shaped mid-rise integrate the complex perfectly in the surroundings urban landscape.

The 4.300 sqm. public square has become the focal point of urban life in the business district.

Next to the several meeting places, you will find a restaurant with an outdoor terrace overlooking the public square. Animated throughout the year, the European Square really is a popular meeting point for residents and tourists.

Moreover, the Warsaw Spire was designed with pedestrians in mind as a 1,5ha green and car-free area.




The Chambon      

Chambon is the largest ever conversion of offices in Brussels and the largest mixed-use ensemble to be built in four decades. Chambon will turn a 75,000-sqm single-use office block into a vibrant 50,000-sqm mixed-use ensemble comprising preserved and restored historic buildings, renovated and transformed buildings as well as newly built ones. The site now accommodates 248 apartments, 134 student studios, offices, a 5-star boutique hotel and an easyHotel, as well as a food court and retail. Originally fully built at ground level, the 1970s and 1980s buildings have been demolished in order to remodel the site around a 3,000-sqm garden.

In cooperation with A2RC Architects



The be-MINE project concerns the urban development of a former colliery. Containing 100.000m² of existing floor surface, it’s by far the biggest concentration of industrial heritage in Flanders. The site is characterised by its monumental and majestic buildings, constituting the distinctive factors of the be-MINE project. With 300 jobs realised, the 40 hectares are currently being reconnected to the urban network through a balanced mix of residential (50,000m²), retail (18,000m²), multiday all-weather leisure developments (50,000m²,diving centre, climbing centre, recreational pool, heritage experience tour, play landscape, MTB trail, tourist office, landscape park), and a school, in and around the industrial buildings.

For all those who participated in bringing Be-MINE to life : Credits to Jaspers-Eyers Architects, UAU-Collective, KOPLAMP – architecten, A33 architecten, EILAND 7 architecten, Sweco Belgium, Lens°Ass Architecten, RE-ST architecten, Dhoore Vanweert Architecten, LD-Architecten, Carve, OMGEVING, and Antea Group België